Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blessed Excess

It is too embarrassing to list everything that I ate this weekend; I am just letting it go and being happy that I had such a wonderful weekend of delicious foods and relished it all with great friends. There was no mindless eating -- I was totally mindful of every bite of the ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Thing at their factory one day; Herrell's Kentucky Bourbon Vanilla and Cinnamon-Nutmeg the next) that I had for lunch two days in a row. Mmmm. [I really can't believe that Cold Stone Creamery dares to show its face in Northampton, Mass., though. They completely ripped Herrell's off with the smoosh-in concept. And now every other ice cream cup you see in the garbage there is from Cold Stone. Awful, I tell you. They will get their karmic comeuppance.]

So today I am to eat right for real. Small portions! Vegetables and fruits! A diet based on food other than dairy and meat products! Starting off with:
- a Balance trail mix bar
- iced coffee with skim milk

I am now trying to decide where to go for lunch that I can load up on veg.

ETA: Okay, so maybe I will just wean myself off the meat slowly, then, instead of shocking the system with all veg all the time. Lunch was half a chicken curry salad wrap and a giant vat of iced tea. I'll eat the other half tomorrow with the TAB (!!!) that my nice co-worker Scott found for me in New York. The chicken sandwich had a lot of nice fruits and beans in it, at least!


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