Monday, April 24, 2006

Late on All Counts

Well, don't I feel foolish. Here I go all blabbing on my blog about how I am going to make this Treacle Pudding for St. George's Day, and I forget all about it. Actually, I didn't forget -- I just thought it was the 26th, not the 23rd. Oh well. It's not going to happen this week, regardless. Next week, when things calm down, when my friend and co-worker is ensconced in the alabaster walls across the street, when my presentation is over and my EAD script is run: then it will be time to celebrate with a Treacle Pudding. Until then, I eat leftover leek tart.

I realize I've been negligent in posting, especially since we had such Good Eats on our mini-Easter-vacation in Little Compton, Rhode Island. Three cheers for Gray's Ice Cream for their ginger and black raspberry ice creams, the Milk and Honey Bazaar for their Italian cheese and country pate,, and the DeWolf Tavern for their Malpeque oysters with balsamic vinegar and peppercorn sorbet, as well as possibly the best dessert I have ever had in my life (hint: it did not involve chocolate or flour). Three jeers for the Westport Rivers Winery (except for their Pineau de Pinot), although we really liked the Black Lager at their sister brewing company, Buzzards Bay. Also jeers for the fact that it was too early in the season for us to take advantage of the vast number of farm stands out there. We'll have to go back mid-summer for some tomatoes, but please remind us, if we stay again at the Stone House Club, which was lovely in every other respect:

-- here's the view from the room --

that we must remember to ASK THE PRICE of the specials on their dinner menu. Never before have I felt so duped as when we were presented the bill for a $19.95 appetizer salad of some dense, bready fried scallops on tough little greens with bottled ginger-soy dressing. I thought it must have been a mistake -- $9.95? Maybe? But no. Next time, we picnic on the private beach instead:


At 9:26 PM, Blogger m said...

three cheers for Rhode Island! I am so glad you finally posted about it. Everyone must revel in its tiny greatness.


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