Monday, July 11, 2005

Death by Tuna

Oh, did we have a lot of tuna this weekend. On Saturday we had tuna steaks at Naomi and Doug's, with a nice little salsa of orange and cilantro and peppers and various other good and healthy things in it. Also salad, and also -- best of all -- loads of wine, loads of gin, and TWO HELPINGS of vanilla ice cream with strawberry rhubarb sauce on it. Such summer happiness!

And then the next day of wedding madness: Janine's bridal shower with more food than I can even begin to remember, mostly brought by her Pennsylvania relatives and the remainder supplied by Fresh Direct. On the way over, Siobhan and I stopped at Cake Man Raven's new place in Fort Greene to pick up a red velvet cake. They didn't sell whole cakes day-of -- something to bear in mind for the future -- but we got 6 pieces, which was about the equivalent of a cake and a half. And was it GOOD.

Then Jonah and Louisa's wedding. I will just try to remember as much as I can about what we had:


- Champagne
- lots of nice wine like Quivira
- mojitos
- white wine sangria that was not sweet, with tarragon leaves and white peaches
- lychee juice with vodka
- this delicious Welsh sparkling water

Passed hors d'oeuvres:

- duck empanadas with this frothy tamarind-coconut sauce
- chicken curry samosas with peanut sauce
- mini cheeseburgers
- polenta squares with chive cream
- crudites with creamy pesto dipping sauce
- spicy cheese crackers
- pesto grilled shrimp
- I think we missed the beet tartare thing
- feta and endive salad in little crispy cup

- corn soup with chive oil and guacamole and crispy cheese stick
- grissini
- Israeli couscous salad with peppers and radishes
- field greens salad
- multi-bean salad with edamame, green beans, fava beans, and wax beans -- this was so beautiful and so green, I must re-create it at home [plus Fava Beans remind me of the fantastic and fresh fava bean cassoulet that I had at Park Kitchen in Portland last month]
- panzanella with tomatoes and many types of squash
- skewers of tuna, chicken, or grilled veggies with various sauces

- multi-layered chocolate mousse thing with a silver-leafed chocolate shell, raspberries, blueberries, and raspberry sauce

Yeah. I could not really partake of the tuna at the wedding -- any more than one bite of Andy's -- because it was just all too much, and it was SO HOT, and more than anything fancy or nice or delicious, what I really wanted was a nice big glass of Diet Coke. They had that, too.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger cindym said...

that sounds like the best wedding food ever! i always wind up with an overcooked steak or a chicken cordon bleu and some limp salad. these people must be foodies!

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Deepfry said...

here, here! this is much more exciting than dried-out salmon, or weird little pizza pocket appetizers that one tends to find. i'm impressed!


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