Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Think I Might Cry

Thanks, I think, to Betsy for pointing this out to me. I don't know who I want to shoot more, myself or Mark Mothersbaugh.

Evidently the next collaboration/sellout is going to be with the Go-Gos.

The DVD also features "frenzied, surreal animations, including neon dinosaurs, pandas in sombreros, and anthropomorphic potatoes."

In other news, please check out Sonya's blog for her excellent description of our meal of foot tacos last Friday night. I wouldn't be able to write anything better about it -- she has described the evening perfectly -- although, "Randy" would like me to point out that PLENTY of tacos have potatoes in them (most often eaten by us at Picante in Berkeley, where they make a fine and very greasy "chorizo y papas" taco). I will try to get a photo soon of the chicken-shaped lollipop.

Another reason to cry: the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles thinks that I am a man. I got my hard-won driver's license into my hot little hand last Saturday, after our second trip to the DMV, and it wasn't until I was inspecting it at home later that I realized that according to them, my "sex" is "M". I am not looking forward to having to explain that one to the next cop that pulls me over.

And this is not the only reason to cry. We have to go back to the DMV a THIRD time this weekend, in the unending quest to register our car so that we can pay yet more money to the State of Connecticut, because according to them, I am a tax evader who has been on the lam for four years. Never mind that my car was registered here for two months before I moved back to California and re-registered it there, and cancelled my plates, and sent them back to Connecticut, and have a receipt with a date reading "CANCELLED." Never mind that they never sent me any sort of tax bill. When I presented the tax assessor with the receipt showing that they had charged me a full year's worth of tax on a car that was proven to be registered in the state for only three months, she shrugged and said that they couldn't pro-rate the tax from four years ago. So even though I did EVERYTHING RIGHT, I had to pay New Haven a years' worth of tax plus three years' interest on a car that was stolen from me a year and a half ago.

GOD. Thanks for bearing with me on that. Now I need a drink. Or a Crispy Buffalo Wonton from Ruby Tuesday, which was our only consolation after our first, failed trip to the DMV. Actually, it was pretty awful, in the way that "fast-casual" American appropriations of non-western culinary traditions often are. This little treat is a wonton wrapper filled with shredded chicken and vast amounts of cheese, sealed and fried, tossed in Buffalo chicken wings sauce, and served with the requisite blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. Saveur magazine mentioned these in their "Saveur 100" issue, and while their explanation redeems their choice somewhat ("so bad they're fabulous" was the gist of it), I am not sure we will be heading back for seconds anytime soon.


At 1:27 AM, Blogger Deepfry said...

wow, that devo thing does make me want to jump off the nearest bridge.


At 4:29 PM, Anonymous jen said...

at least they could have knocked off the interest. That sucks.

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Dead Author said...

Hey Mr. Delicious!

We feel dirty about the Devo. And not the good kind. of either.

They'd better not friggin' touch the Go Go's.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger m said...

That car license tax thing sucks sucks sucks... as for being a man, well, that does take the cake over my little license mishap. The state of California says my hair is "BLK" when the photo on the license is very clearly of my never-even-been-dyed-black dark blonde hair. helllooo, lazy DMV lady, take a gander....


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