Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tim Tam Fever

The other night we had a little post-hangover gathering at our house to watch one of the saddest movies ever, "Lilya 4-Ever." We had received it from Netflix before Thanksgiving and had for some reason never found ourselves in the appropriate mood to sit down for two hours and absorb the wrenching tale of a poor Russian girl abandoned by her mother and sold into a Swedish sex ring by the only guy she ever trusted. So we invited folks over for some hand-holding and tried to make it a party.

Because Michele and Burke are two of the most kind-hearted and generous people I know, it was unsurprising -- but still a treat -- that they offered to bring over a couple of packages of Tim Tams that Xanthe sent over from Australia (they are unavailable in the States; Michele and Burke lived in Australia once upon a time; thus they have been going through severe Tim Tam withdrawal so Xanthe sent over some Timtams in the Christmas spirit). None of the rest of us had ever had a Tim Tam, so it was with much anticipation that we all learned how to do the Tim Tam Slam (aka Tim Tam Suck). As noted in the link from a couple of days ago, it involves preparing oneself a cup of tea or coffee, biting off the opposing corners of the Tim Tam, and then proceeding to use the cookie as a straw. As Burke put it, "You will begin to taste the chocolate... you will start to get excited... but don't give up yet." You must wait until the cookie is near total collapse before then shoving the entire thing into your mouth, the end result being a mass of mushy chocolatey mocha goodness exploding on your tongue.

It was pretty incredible. Half of my Tim Tam disintegrated into my coffee before I could fully slam the sucker, but that just made the dregs of my coffee much more delicious. Others had more success in the endeavor:

Sarah Successfully Slams a Double-Coat Tim Tam.

Stephen gets in on some coffee-slurping action.

Moa prepares to slam.

Moa, giddy with Tim Tam goodness.

Tim Tam carnage. Two are left for a breakfast treat!!!

I am not sure that the delicious chocolate overload prepared us very well for the movie, but the fizzy Fruit Tingles (also from Xanthe) and whiskey afterward helped us to forget. A little bit. Sniff.


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Madeline said...

My mouth is watering. I am always torn between doing the suck and having the Tim Tam go so fast (but so deliciously) or savouring it bite by bite.

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous molly said...

it's all i think about... tim tam... tim tam... timtam... timtam... timtamtimtamtimtamtimtam


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