Monday, December 19, 2005

Feelin' Loogie

Actually what I said to Andy last night after consuming one too many almond cookies at Sonya and Ted's house was that I was feeling LOGY. He did not know what "logy" meant, so then he called me a loogie. Which is kind of how logy feels, to be honest. Loogie-like.

Christmastime is such a nice vacation from reality. You can eat all the sugar and starch and consume all the alcohol you want (until it makes you start feeling logy) and no one bats an eye. My stepmom has even seconded my motion to have Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding for our Christmas breakfast, and she is the Queen of the Atkins. Working backwards from a delicious but time-pressured lunch today with Tom and Jen at Bentara, I have consumed the following in the last 48 hours:

- Beef Keretuk with rice
- Pear received in Christmas package from one of Andy's firm's contractors
- Douglas Fir tip tea
- Chicken Pot Pie covered in mashed potatoes at Anna Liffey's
- Several almond cookies, which made me logy but not sick
- Several gingersnaps
- Wolaver's IPA
- Egg nog with rum
- Milk chocolate truffle received as part of same Christmas package
- St. Marcellin cheese on crackers
- Panettone bread
- Pear
- Vanilla Haagen-Dazs with Creme de Cassis on top (A note on this: we had this for dessert at Burke and Michele's house. I passed Michele on my way out of the bathroom and thought she had said something to me from the kitchen. I asked her to repeat herself and she said, "Oh, nothing... I was just talking to the ice cream." I have not heard a more adorable sentence in a long time.)
- Several drinks made from gin; a couple more made with aquavit
- Spaetzle with vast amounts of cheese and caramelized onions courtesy of Burke
- Cheese, chocolate, bread, oil, and Egyptian spices
- Cheeseburger with frites at Rudy's and a Smithwick's
- Several pieces of that sort-of fancy Choxie chocolate from Target
- Pear
- A chocolate truffle or two from the Christmas package
- I forget everything we had at Rich and Sue's house, but I do remember lasagne and three kinds of dessert. And cheese. And rich dark beer.

You see? It is revolting to look at. And yet this list seems not uncommon. Tonight we are atoning with brussels sprouts. With blue cheese. Yeah, and some glazed pecans. Wanna come over?


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous burkean said...

Michele's very happy that you understand about talking to the ice cream. We had a wonderful time the other night! We must bring you your lamb sausage.

And you must come over for more alcohol and food and Playstation.

BTW, you didn't buy the last bottle of white cranberry juice at Nica's, did you?

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Mona said...

AWESOME! Totally awesome!! I will be right there with you come Saturday. Oh wait, I'm going out tonight for a party so maybe I'll start catching up:)
One of the bonuses of the strike, forces ya to do your pre-holiday binging exercise!


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