Friday, June 02, 2006

Porch Produce

Today, Andy and I breakfasted on the first strawberry to ripen in its little container on the porch. It was so red and juicy that it stained the cutting board. Andy pronounced it "more tart than sweet" and I retorted that "that is the way real strawberries taste." Disagreement over how "real" strawberries taste ensued. Nevertheless, it was delicious on my cereal. Also ready to pick are two ripe pea pods. What should we do with them? A tiny soba noodle dish with one perfect pea pod on top? Maybe with all of these little harvests, I can pretend I am Thomas Keller and insist that one perfect, tiny vegetable is a better meal than a filling dish of something lesser. Come on over for dinner, folks! In a couple of weeks, you might be lucky and get a single organic tomato with your lone organic pea. A study in minimalism and self-sufficiency!


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