Monday, December 04, 2006


Screw the SI reunion, I'm going to THIS! Brandishing my New Haven Pizza, my Coastal Connecticut Briny Clam Chowder, and my god-damned Fried Clams! New England REPRESENT! Woooooooo!!!!

From Jane and Michael Stern via their Roadfood Email:

"Anyone into deep-dish food scholarship will want to know about the
forthcoming Second Biennial Symposium on American Culinary History that takes place in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan's Clements Library on May 18-20, 2007. The theme this year is "Regional and Ethnic Traditions," and we will be delivering a talk not-so-succinctly titled "America’s Least Fashionable Cuisine: A Road Trip through the Vastly Underappreciated Cuisine of America’s Northeast: Unknown, Disrespected, Hidebound, Inexplicable, Ghastly, and Delicious Foods that Define the Region’s Unique Taste." As more details become available, we will let you know."


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