Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wayne Thiebaud's Coliseum Competition Entry

It took four architects, an artist, and an archivist 12 hours over two days to make something that, at one point, we were ready to put out on the street for the squirrels to eat, but in the end it all turned out great and we had fun. Here's our rendition of the New Haven Coliseum and the Knights of Columbus Headquarters tower, in gingerbread:

Apologies to Kevin Roche. Photo by Ted. Other, much more vital participants than me were Ted, Sonya, Kyle, Sabrina and Andy. My job was mostly to take photos, spread a little icing/glue here and there, and drink. I left the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Process photos on Flickr here. You can see that God is truly in the details -- Saturday night's stopping point was not pretty.

Now the question is: when will we blow it up? I am 99.9% positive that whenever we do it, it will be sooner than the real Coliseum's date with demolition.


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