Monday, January 29, 2007

I am beginning to feel this way, a little bit

Even though I have done none of the entertaining and constant cooking for guests that Ann Patchett has, I am feeling her sentiments right now, big time. Payday cannot come soon enough! Someone else cook for me, please!

"The turkey is gone. The dog and I split the last of it yesterday for lunch. The turkey soup (excellent) is gone. I'm hungry now, the dog is hungry, and yet I cannot bring myself to cook. I had fourteen people over for dinner the night before Thanksgiving and ten people on Thanksgiving day. I had houseguests through Sunday and fed them every meal. Oh, the tender planning! The careful choices I made about sweet potatoes. I brined my turkey. I polished the silverware. I hosted a four day Thanksgiving extravaganza and now it is over and the food is gone and I cannot bring myself to even think of spreading peanut butter on bread. I guess I will be eating it off my fingers, out of the jar. All of this is to say that even those of us who are committed to cooking and entertaining hit a wall sometimes and now I wonder what we're supposed to eat."


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