Friday, May 11, 2007

This is Getting Embarrassing

Yes, I know. The computer demands a blog. Here's how I've really been feeling: paralyzed. I have an embarrassment of riches, so many things to write about. The Sysco food show. Our nine-course tasting dinner at Ibiza. Seeing Harold McGee give a talk at the law school about "molecular gastronomy" and having him sign my copy of On Food and Cooking the next day. Making a reservation at Mr. McGee's favorite fancy restaurant, Alinea, for July 18th, during our trip to Chicago. Next week, a wine tasting for the upcoming book Cheap Wine Review in New York with Mr. Ip. Our first Rhubarb Collinses of the season. The loveliest watercress I have ever seen in my life, picked by Two Guys from Woodbridge.

It's all too much, and all these subjects deserve more coverage than I am up to giving them right now. Spring is here, the nights are warm, and who wants to come home from staring at a computer all day at work to staring at one at home on a spring evening? I want to cook, not compute!

But here's something small to think about in the meantime: is Sysco any more evil than Stop & Shop? Or are the restaurants that serve "Sysco truck" food (thanks, Meredith) the ones really trying to pull one over on their customers?

I need to get a scanner. I wish you all could see the photos from my Sysco Fried Appetizer catalog.


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