Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Cry for Help

People, I am addicted and need an intervention. I am addicted to the Panang Curry at Thai Taste here in New Haven. The vegetables are not very fresh. The rice is your white standard-issue. But the sauce. Oh, the sauce! I think it has crack in it. At the very least, it has kaffir lime leaf in it, which must be on my top-ten-flavors-on-the-planet list. I have eaten the Panang Curry twice in a week, now, and today I have a bit of a tummy weirdness. Perhaps I am overdosing. I really could eat it every day: so spicy, so pink, so smooth, so beautifully creamy when combined with 9,428 calories of white rice.

Please help. Where else should I go for lunch, now that all my local microwaves are locked up for the summer? (I plan on making myself lots of cold salads, too: send recipes for your favorites!)

Photo by Amanda and Tyler.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Andie East said...

It sounds like quite a dilemma (i'm a friend of Paul Atwood's just to give info). I kinda hate lettuce but I can reccomend a quinoa salad. Just take some quinoa, boil with some chicken broth till it gets all nice. Put in Black beans, red bell pepper chopped, scallions, marinated tofu, and chopped cilantra, lime juice and a teaspoon of cumin, salt and pepper. Firs thte quinoa, then add the cumin and the lime juice and salt and pepper then dump everything else in. Simple but yum. Easily transportable. Though does not taste as good the second day.


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