Friday, February 17, 2006


This review comes to us from a regular reader here in the Have. I have been to the place about which she writes and concur with her opinion. In fact, I have had the "fondue" there -- the dish they are "best known for" -- and it was pretty much a quarter cup of melted cheese on top of some artichoke hearts. Not worth it, not even in such a pretty space.

Dear Mrs. Delicious:

I would like to lodge a complaint against a certain New Haven establishment. For months I have been attracted to The Blue Pearl. I love fondue and I like the design of the place. As you know, dear Delicious, we have a limited budget because daycare is taking up most of our "going out to eat" budget and we don't have a lot of time to go out to eat either. So, finally, we have a night free and we set off. Now I know we didn't get the fondue (one of us -- and not I -- doesn't like fondue), but what kind of macaroni and cheese separates and is mostly butter at the bottom, with congealed mozzarella on the top? For $21, with chunks of clearly not fresh lobster? And they were out of mussels at 8 pm on a Thursday. And not a vegetable to be had accompanying the rib-eye. In short, aside from the fondue (which we did not have, and thus I cannot comment on), the good beer list, the excellent bathrooms and the lobster spring roll, the Blue Pearl is really a let-down and a terrible waste of money! For $75 before tip (yes really), we could have had an amazing meal anywhere in New Haven, not to mention many places in New York.

Luckily, we have a couple good meals this weekend coming to us. And now I will never go back, even to try the fondue.


She Who Will Be Eating Rice and Beans For a Week.


At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Dead Author said...

The Blue Pearl is The Blue Plague. Avoid it's pretentious ass at all costs. Ironically enough, while in Philadelphia on New Year's Eve, we discovered the place that the Blue Pearl seeks to be thus accentuating the true and abject failure of that overpriced, overwrought New Haven eatery.

So, yeah. Anyway, I'm back.


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