Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Last Day of January

The February doldrums have come early for me this year. Usually I can put them off until at least Valentine's day, but this year -- whether it's the cold-without-snow, the overly stern resolutions for self-improvement, the steady countdown to joblessness -- I find myself in a funk several weeks ahead of schedule. I am not productive, I am forgetful, I am pessimistic.

It is times like this that I wish Thanksgiving was in February instead of November. We have quite enough to be thankful for in November without having to be reminded to be thankful! We have harvest vegetables, the promise of snow, the glory of colorful trees, the anticipation of holiday excess. What we really need is an occasion in February to remember all that we have to be happy about and grateful for at this time of year despite the frozen ground and the novelty of root vegetables wearing off. Such as:

- being able to wear huge puffy wooly clothing
- promise of fancy desserts on Feburary 14th
- it sure isn't humid out
- the days are, in fact, getting longer
- cute fat squirrels
- friends coming to visit soon
- giant Ric Burns New York documentary at home ready to watch
- February 2nd is GROUNDHOG DAY
- February 11th is lunch at Le Petit Cafe

Maybe what we need is a day in February where we cook preposterously expensive out-of-season foods, turn up the heat, plug in the blender, and make frozen rum drinks 'til dawn while we sit around in halter tops toasting winter's long, cozy, chilly nights. What shall we call this holiday? Suggestions welcome.


At 10:17 PM, Anonymous jen said...

you are right...its not humid. But instead, there's static when you give someone a kiss! but humidity is worse.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger acechick said...

According this formula 24 January is the most miserable day of the year:
(W+(D-d))xTQ MxNA,
where W stands for the weather at this time of year (ghastly); D-d for the gap between your Christmas shopping spree credit-card debts (astronomical) and your next pay cheque (pathetically inadequate); T for the time that has elapsed since those carefree, feel-good nights of yuletide boozing and carousing (so long ago that you can’t remember them); Q for the time that has passed since you spinelessly broke your new year resolutions to quit smoking and eating burgers; M for your motivation level as you staggered out of bed this morning (zero), and NA for that nagging, desperate feeling that you “need to take action” of some sort to cheer yourself up — if only you could stop being depressed for long enough to work out what that action might be.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Flutephobia said...

I find that March is worse. More so in Oregon, where by the time March comes around, it's been raining for like 6 months, than in New Mexico, but it's still bad in the Dunes. The prospect of Spring Fever is tangible, taunting, but it's still chilly and without foliage. I'mna steal your post in March.


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