Saturday, February 17, 2007

Quick Bites

Thumbs up:

- Staying away from the Sonic Youth show. I am officially too old for crowded concerts and this one sounded like a can of sardines. Thank you, Toad's, for planning to take over the much larger Palace Theater! I am 100x more likely to go to shows knowing I have a little breathing room. In lieu of sweaty claustrophobia I had a lovely evening tipsily sparring with The Dean.

- Colony Grill pizza in Stamford. How I love a cracker crust, and this is a TRUE cracker crust, dripping with hot oil and locally-made sausage.

- Valentine's Day desserts of Coeurs a la Creme actually turned out solid this year. Last year's were a bit of a mess.

- Garett is in town and we are going to Chester for breakfast tomorrow!

- I am getting out of this Frozen Tundra on Tuesday and flying far, far away to eighty-degree Miami. Hopefully to have dinner one night with Emily!

- Top Design: Goil is still going strong!

Thumbs down:

- Bars that would charge The Neat Fee. I mean, CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THE NERVE??? THE NERVE!!!

- Andy cannot come to Miami.

- None of my clothes are fabulous enough for Miami.

- The South Beach Food and Wine Festival takes place while I am in Miami, so peons like me aren't going to be able to get a table anywhere. Room service here I come. But maybe I will catch a faraway glimpse of Alton Brown! Be still my heart!


At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Dead Author said...

We enjoyed the concert and actually didn't have bad spots there. I saw Stephen and Molly there, but that was it.


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