Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nothing to see here, ma'am, keep moving

Much has happened since last post:
- we went to Italy and ate lots and lots of things
- Cindy has moved to Paris to start cooking school
- I have started going to the gym -- something I never thought possible -- and am enjoying it -- something else I never thought possible
- I need to pick some readings for the "Marxist Reading Group" and have decided to go with food philosophy -- specifically local/sustainable eating philosophy. The problem is that I am having trouble finding readings that are anti-local and sustainable food. There was an editorial by Julie Powell in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago (Thanks, Jen!) about how eating organic and local food is an expensive privilege. I want more like this! I discovered, quite serendipitously, something about the Locavores online and think I will exploit their website for references, too. Also, I will look in Gastronomica.

Click for photos of Italian food.


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