Monday, February 27, 2006

Bundt Preview

Sabrina emailed Sonya and me on Friday to announce that she had made a great Bundt cake out of bananas and cardamom and to ask us when we might be interested in joining her for a Bundt-off. The answer, obviously, was "immediately." I think the Bundt party might have to wait for a while, but we kicked around some ideas for various Bundts. Sonya said she was working on a cornmeal Bundt with a butter-molasses filling. She also said that Aaron had been requested to bring along a Tunnel of Fudge Bundt. Me, I am going to bake a Meat Bundt. Like this one:

I will, of course, post lots of photos of the Bundtfest once it actually happens. Maybe this weekend!

Speaking of weekend, see Sonya's blog for news of the Light Russian. Earlier that evening, though, we had an even better idea: order food from Royal Palace and bring it into the Firehouse! It is great that the Firehouse has free cheese on Fridays, but sometimes you need a little more than Morbier. The bad thing was that our water beef sauce kind of leaked all over the Firehouse floor... which is probably why bars don't look favorably on people bringing food in. But we cleaned it up with lots of napkins. I hope we're not banned forever.

Other than that, this weekend we went over to Michele and Burke's to watch a movie called "La Haine" and eat aebleskiver and Princess cake; gnawed on some very chewy bagels and very buttery cream cheese -- imported from New York! -- at Labyrinth's Art and Architecture book sale, and sat around and watched the Olympics. Then, at 11:00 last night, I went into some strange "must provide sustenance for my family" frenzy and prepared food for us to eat for the entire week. I put some tuna steaks in to marinate, made a blood-orange olive oil cake, simmered a quart of tomato sauce, and packed some curried parsnip soup into individual lunch-sized containers. Then I washed all the dishes and ran a load of laundry. I drank the Kool-Aid and joined the Cult of Domesticity. Oh yeah. This is what 30 looks like, baby.


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