Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Everything is Terrific

Gastronomique has a new food cart hanging around outside the Yale Art Gallery! I know that in that last post about Gastronomique I complained rather loudly about the food. But that's just because the food is normally so GOOD! Today I was wandering around Chapel street waiting for the line at the post office to go away when I smelled something wonderful -- like barbeque -- and when I looked over, there was Marc Woll grilling up some street meat. I think I kind of BOUNCED over to the line with this wildly inappropriate smile on my face, because when I said HI!!!! and asked him whether he had closed his storefront, he said NO very gruffly. I ordered a jerk chicken sandwich from him anyway. The guy from the Roomba Burrito cart came over and asked him, in Spanish, how everything was going, and Marc replied, in French, that everything was terrific. And in fact everything was terrific. My jerk chicken sandwich was terrific. Even the tomato on it was terrific. And the fact that there is now a Gastronomique cart in addition to the storefront is terrific.

Tonight I am looking forward to a possible IKEA meal! Some asshole SUV driver hit our car and dented its hood (the dent is right where an SUV bumper would be) without stopping, natch. Andy took the car in to the body shop, and the rental car company showed up all apologetically with the only car they had left -- a Dodge Dakota 4 x 4 pickup truck. Two things of note:

1. This truck is a lot bigger than our Mini.
2. The cup holders in the truck are a lot bigger than in our Mini. Perhaps this is because the drivers of pickup trucks drink lots of Big Gulps, whereas the drivers of Minis drink lots of espresso. I never thought I would be one of those people who judged cars by their cupholders, but I must say that the cupholders in the truck are much more functional.

Anyway, we are going to IKEA tonight to maybe buy all kinds of stuff that we would never ordinarily be able to get home. And maybe to buy some Swedish meatballs and lingonberry drink.


At 5:54 AM, Blogger acechick said...

I didn't know you had a mini! There's a wonderful ad campaign on telly here: mini adventure. It's so funny.

Good idea on the IKEA trip.


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