Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Memory Lane

Le Gastronomica Nouveau Est Arrive! Always an occasion in our house, this issue made my heart flutter all the more when I noticed that, on page 93, the “Chef’s Page” is devoted to my favorite Ann Arbor restaurant, Le Dog. What I remember most about this place – at which I never ate a hot dog – was the way that the rolls from Zingerman’s that they sold for 50 cents alongside their soups would absorb all of the cream and stock while retaining their chewiness, so that you’d still have to tear into the sourdough while your mouth was simultaneously flooded with liquid richness. (Ah, who doesn’t love some good food porn?) If you’re ever in Ann Arbor, do a good thing for yourself and get a cup of Le Dog’s Tuscan squash and Gorgonzola soup. Or their lobster bisque (served only on Thursdays and Fridays, if I remember right). It’s only a take out place, but sitting on a bench when it’s 19 degrees outside won’t bother you a bit once you have a spoonful of the soup.

Man. There are few things to miss about Ann Arbor*, but I really, really miss Le Dog.

*Aside from the farmer’s market, the cherry scones at Zingerman’s, Jefferson Market, the triple at Blimpy Burger, the lemon ice cream at the Washtenaw Dairy, and the comprehensive French New Wave video collection at the Ann Arbor District Library.


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