Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Last night, while taking the Australians to dine on mashed potato pizza at Bar: OMG Arturo! On the street! Mr. Roomba/Bespoke himself! I came |thisclose| to stopping him and pleading with him to keep the burrito carts open. Jen makes a good point: those damn carts make him too much money to close, so I'm less worried than I was, but still. Burrito lunch today, and maybe an extra one to keep in the freezer.

All-Girls-Superfun-Weekend (with three dudes and some babies) in the Poconos was a veritable International Party (as opposed to Alcohol Party, which didn't become as fully realized as Casey and I thought it might -- witness remaining liters of gin and vodka) of culinary delights. Tildy and Robin's crepes on Friday night. Pauline's "Full English" fryup on Saturday morning, followed a few short hours later by Sol's Korean barbeque smorgasbord with two different cuts of beef, pork belly, and squid. Later that night, the Canadians Nicole and Elisa represented with a whole salmon, butter tarts, and stout ice cream transported all the way from Toronto. And Ariel and Katy made a true Continental breakfast for us on Sunday: Ariel's typical Danish brunch spread of cheeses, breads, lightly pickled tomatoes and cucumbers, and fruits, served up with Katy's Italian strata and British dried cherry and lemon scones.

All this consumed while lounging about in pajamas half the day under dappled sunlight in the Glass House (no, not that one, but one almost as lovely), interrupted by swimming in the warm lake and rousing rye-fueled games of Taboo, followed by more eating. And so much laughing. My sides are still split.


At 8:47 PM, Blogger zp said...

Um, Mrs. Delicious, where ARE these carts you rave about?

Also, I was wondering, if I might ask, would you consider doing something like
this, which I made for my own Pittsburgh reference, for New Haven?

I'd find it ever-so-educational and I'm sure other readers would too . . . and it's fun and easy and I've actually started one for New Haven, but I feel a little at sea as a newcomer . . .

Not that anyone needs another project, of course. Sigh.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Mrs. Delicious said...

ZP --

I am so clueless about HTML that I don't even know how to link to my own post here, but I do have a post called "Lunch List" from last March that outlines acceptable and non-acceptable lunch options within walking distance of Yale's central campus. But your del.icio.us idea is a good one. And so very apropos in name!

As a newcomer to Our Fair City, you will want a copy of Robin Goldstein's The Menu for your reference. Ours is dogeared throughout. For road trips up the coast, get a copy of Elizabeth Bougerol's New England's Favorite Seafood Shacks. Not to mention the Roadfood books, of course, which are particularly rich with local suggestions as Jane and Michael Stern actually live in Connecticut.

The burrito carts: One's over by the medical school where the rest of the lunch carts are (near York and Cedar); one's across the street from Au Bon Pain at the corner of York and Elm/Broadway, and one's over by Saarinen's hockey rink and the School of Management at Prospect and Sachem, along with several other lunch carts (the cart that serves the "tacos trio" is also pretty great). You will know the Roomba carts by the long lines and the guys making the burritos wearing pants with chili peppers all over them.

At 9:59 AM, Blogger zp said...

Ha! I was reading pages of The Menu on Amazon and I found the brilliant description, "Dated Gourmet" !! I'm sold.

Thanks for the great suggestions.

And I consult your lunch list regularly.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Mrs. Delicious said...

The index to that Menu book (and its Northampton counterpart) is priceless. It is so wonderful to know that the sole reference to "deep, throbbing goatiness" is on page 292.


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