Wednesday, August 31, 2005


We had a little fest for Andy's birthday on Sunday. Here are the things I made:

- spicy carrot dip
- fennel with blood orange olive oil (made by Stonehouse in California -- I am going to have to import it from now on. It is one of my favorite food products ever.)
- mini toasts with mascarpone and fig jam
- filberts -- which people cracked and ate! I thought they would just be a centerpiece!
- plum tart with tarragon
- peach and blueberry cake, which turned out very liquid but still tasty, served with honey-lavender ice cream

Andy picked out three amazing cheeses that were unknown to us before but we will buy them again because mmmmmmmmm. And he made some delicious cocktails called Bee Sting, which are our own invention of lavender-infused vodka, honey liqueur, lemon-limeade, and sparkling water. Naomi brought over the cutest little beehive cocktail stirrers, which I will add a photo of later.

Here is Andy writing out the instructions for make-your-own Bee Stings:


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